Family Photos with Francis and Ayumi

I first met Francis back in August when he was searching for a portrait photographer in Tokyo. Having recently launched a new website for his consulting business, Sloane Japan, he was in need of new headshots that captured both his professionalism as well as his genuine, friendly nature that makes him a delight to work with. I was honored that he chose me for the project and we were able to capture a lot of fantastic photos that day.

With the holidays approaching, Francis and I were in touch again about taking some family photos. Until now, they haven’t had any professional photos taken of their young old son. With how quickly time flies by, it’s important to document these precious family moments so that you’ll have something to look back on fondly for years to come.

We chose a weekend date and I met up with Francis, his wife Ayumi, and their son at Tokyo’s beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen park. We were lucky to have an uncharacteristically warm winter day for our portrait session. While people often come into a portrait session expecting to be told how to pose, stand, smile, etc., I try to keep things as relaxed and natural as possible. I’ve always found a massive disconnect with staged portraits. With everyone standing around like posed cardboard cutouts, it’s impossible to tell how they really felt that day. 

On the other hand, if you take a photo of the family simply enjoying their time together, you can capture all of the love and emotion in a single frame. On this particular afternoon, we were able to create lasting memories of all the joy, love and laughter that this family shares.

Professional family photography is an investment you can feel good about. If you’re interested in preserving your family’s precious memories, contact me today about booking a family portrait session in Tokyo.

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