Mount Fuji Bachelorette Party

To celebrate her upcoming wedding, Gloria and six of her friends decided to plan a special trip to Japan. The highlight of their weekend getaway was to be a one day trip to the Mount Fuji lakes region to take in some of world-famous views. Before heading to Japan, the group searched for a Tokyo photographer to help commemorate the special occasion. I was honored to be the photographer they ultimately chose.

As is often the case when visiting Mount Fuji, the weather was less than ideal, but we were determined to make the best of it. As a portrait photographer in Tokyo, I know that family and group portraits are about so much more than simply photographing a nice pose in front of a pretty background. The truly memorable photos that clients will love are the ones that capture the emotion of the moment. With clouds partially covering the mountain, our focus switched from photographing the group in front of Fuji, to highlighting the love and care these friends have for each other. The end result was something even better than we had originally planned.

If you are looking for a portait photographer in Tokyo to commemorate your own special vacation, contact me to discuss rates and availability. 

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