Portrait Photography in Tokyo with Nina

Most people are lucky to be able to do one or two things extremely well. As a bilingual speaker, accomplished photojournalist, experienced brand consultant and travel junky with an impressive list of countries to her name, Nina Cataldo tends to make your average person look lazy in comparison. 

As a “hafu”; a Japanese term for someone with one Japanese and one non-Japanese parent, Nina is all-too-familiar with the struggle of finding your own identity in a culture that is quick to tell you that you don’t belong. Because of this, she is an active member of groups such as Hafu Ladies, as well as business organizations like For Empowering Women (FEW).

With a face that’s constantly in the public eye and in preparation for her new website launch, Nina contacted me to setup a photo shoot in Tokyo. Wanting to highlight her professionalism as well as her fun side, we took to the streets around Daikanyama; one of the many neighborhoods in Tokyo, in search of some interesting scenery.

While exploring some of the back alleyways, we came across this ultra vibrant graffiti mural which Nina was immediately drawn to. I’ve always felt that if something in the environment calls out to your subject for whatever reason, trust that feeling and go with it. If it helps to bring out their genuine personality even more, then the result is almost always a great photo.

We ended the session on the back deck of a coffee shop which overlooks a portion of the Tokyo skyline. For someone so involved in the culture of this city, what better backdrop could we possibly ask for?

If your website is in need of new content and a fresh, unique perspective, check out Nina Cataldo’s website to get in touch with her. And if like Nina, you too are in need of some new portraits, send me a message to schedule a photo shoot.

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