Tokyo Vacation Photos With Brook and Dane

There are few things in this world as powerful as a mother’s love for her children. No matter how grown up we become, it’s comforting to know that there’s someone out there who loves you unconditionally and will always be there to pick you up when life gets you down. Being many thousands of miles apart from my own family, it’s easy to forget this sometimes. That’s why it was a refreshing reminder to work with Brook and Dane, a mother and son from Seattle, on their recent trip to Tokyo.

Dane, a high school student, has been a longtime fan of all things Japanese. Going beyond collecting anime figurines like most kids his age would be content with, Brook and Dane have turned traveling to Japan into a yearly pilgrimage. More than simply studying the language and culture, he is getting to experience it in a way most people could only dream of. It’s not often you see a parent support their child’s passion in such a dedicated way, and I found it all incredibly heartwarming.

With Dane getting older, Brook decided it was the right time to move beyond the standard vacation selfies and invest in photos they will cherish for years to come. We agreed that Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood would be the perfect mix of the city’s old and new sides. After snapping some photos in front of Tokyo’s oldest shrine, Senso-ji, we explored some of the area’s back streets to capture Tokyo’s quintessential urban vibe.

I had a great (albeit somewhat rainy) afternoon with these two and I’m looking forward to their next trip back to Japan! If you’re interested in capturing your own memorable Tokyo vacation photos, contact me to discuss rates and availability. 

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