Filming a Music Video in Tokyo with Eto

I first met Tokyo musician, Eto, one year ago when taking photos of his other band, (the) ocean and i. At the time, I knew him only as a drummer, but eventually came to discover that he is a talented singer and songwriter as well. We had discussed the idea of filming a music video a while back, but not long after, the Coronavirus pandemic kicked into full swing, cancelling any plans we had made. Thankfully, we recently found a window of opportunity where the number of new cases in Tokyo had dropped significantly, and Eto was releasing several new tracks.

We made plans to film a music video for his song, La Mentira, one Saturday afternoon in Tokyo. For the concept, Eto wanted to showcase an uptight, overworked salaryman who finds an escape through karaoke. He asked that the video itself be as unrehearsed as possible to reflect that raw karaoke performance energy. As a result, it feels a bit chaotic at points as I struggled to predict where he would go next, but I think it adds a nice touch of “realness” to the finished video.

I shot this video on a Sony A7R III with the Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens. This is my go-to combo for both videos and Tokyo street photography. To keep things steady while walking around (and occasionally dancing along to the music), I mounted the camera on a Ronin SC gimbal. It’s the same setup I used to film my recent Tokyo Localized Walking Tour promo video. Lastly, to tie the “real world” and “karaoke imagination world” together, I used a Falconeyes F7 RGB light to throw a bit of matching color on the right side of Eto’s face.

Overall, this was a very fun project to work on. I found that music videos present a whole new set of challenges that I had not previously encountered. That being said, I loved figuring them out, and look forward to working with more Tokyo artists in the near future.

Whether you’re a musician interested in creating your own music video in Tokyo, or a business in need of promotional content, I’m available for a variety of projects throughout Japan and Asia. Get in touch with me to inquire about rates and availability.

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