1. 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Travel Photos

    05 Aug 2019
    As a photographer in Tokyo, I’ve seen my fair share of tourists snapping travel photos. While it’s fantastic that people are documenting their adventures (With the exception of selfie sticks. Those things are a plague that need to be stopped), I have seen far too many vacation photos from family and friends…

  2. Tokyo Portrait Shoot with Nina

    30 Jul 2019
    Most people are lucky to be able to do one or two things extremely well. As a bilingual speaker, accomplished photojournalist, experienced brand consultant and travel junky with an impressive list of countries to her name, Nina Cataldo tends to make your average person look lazy in comparison.  As a…

  3. Capturing the Rainy Season in Tokyo

    21 Jul 2019
    Japan is currently in its rainy season, and during this time of year, isolated downpours that seem to stalk you throughout the day are the norm. I wanted to put together a photo shoot in Tokyo that captured the essence of this season, and decided what better way to do so…

  4. 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Upcoming Trip to Tokyo

    14 Jul 2019
    So you’ve finally decided to visit Tokyo. Perhaps you’ve been a lifelong fan of Japanese culture, or maybe you were simply inspired by some pictures of Tokyo you saw on Instagram. No matter the reason, rest assured that you have made the right choice. Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the most unique and…

  5. Art Aquarium: The Incredible Living Art Exhibit in Tokyo

    08 Jul 2019
    Three women in kimono taking in the sights of Art Aquarium. This past weekend, I was invited to photograph the press screening of Art Aquarium; a stunning exhibition in Tokyo that combines otherworldly scenery with Japanese goldfish known as kingyo. I was invited to the pre-screening of Art…

  6. Street Photos of Tokyo: The Best Places to Take Amazing Pictures

    28 Jun 2019
    Of the many genres of photography that exist today, street photography may be one of the most difficult to define and the most open to interpretation. Is it candid portrait photography in an urban setting? Is it a snapshot of everyday life as we know it? Is it something more…

  7. Capturing Genuine Moments

    22 Jun 2019
    When new photographers are just getting started, they’ll typically go through the process of “finding themselves”; discovering which subjects they are drawn to and why.  For myself, I found myself photographing anything BUT portraits. I would happily shoot landscapes, architecture, or street photos all day, but as soon as I found…

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